All About Aldan American

I grew up obsessed with cars, trucks & motorcycles and always had an interest in manufacturing. For over three decades, The Aldan Shock Co. was U.S. Veteran owned & operated, specializing in high performance shocks & coilovers here in Southern California. While at Hot Rod I made a call that would forever change my life. In 2014 at 27 years old, I quit my job and struck a deal to acquire what’s now known as Aldan American.


An iconic American brand, Aldan was one of the first companies to manufacture adjustable coilovers for street rods in the early 80’s. Aldan later developed one of the first, billet aluminum coilovers designed for street performance & drag racing. Over the years Aldan supplied some of the world’s top builders & racers with high performance coilovers & shocks.


In the late 2000’s, the former owner of Aldan’s health took a turn and marketing and distribution efforts had slowed. When I first met the former owner in late 2013, I was amazed to learn every component that went into an Aldan shock was made in the USA. In addition to select Aldan components, several of Aldan’s longtime vendors & suppliers were manufactures for aerospace & military applications, held to the highest standards. Aldan had the product, now it needed some energy and life brought back into the brand.


As we begin our third year in our 35 years of business, making Aldan American products more available and accessible than ever is our mission. Staying true to our legacy of designing, building and standing behind the highest-quality, American made suspension products is what keeps my team and I driving forward each day.


Welcome to Aldan American. We look forward to working with you.


Garrett Harmola

President, Owner