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Professional-Grade Coilovers

Aldan American’s professional grade coil over shocks are made from lightweight, high strength 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Since aluminum dissipates heat faster than steel, our specially designed manufacturing process allows for cooler operating temperatures and results in a longer shock life.

A Wide Selection of Custom Coilovers

Our coil over shocks come in a wide variety of lengths and adjustability options—our custom coilovers are available in practically any size needed to suit your street rod, hot rod, muscle car, classic car or truck, late model car or truck, racing vehicle or custom chassis vehicle. Better still, they will allow ride height adjustment, which gives you the perfect stance for your vehicle. Aldan American coilovers provide greater shock adjustability, and Aldan’s coilovers come in Double Adjustable, Single Adjustable and Factory Pre-Set/Non Adjustable applications.

Factory Serviceable Coilover Shocks

For racers, vehicles with heavy use, and as vehicles age, serviceability is an important issue. Many vehicle owners know that it’s preferable to purchase a high quality part that’s worthy of repair—if needed—over the long life of your car or truck. Aldan American coilovers are factory serviceable—making Aldan coil over shocks the only shock you’ll need to buy for the life of your vehicle.

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