Author: Team Aldan

Aldan Coilovers Upgrades Mr. Alves Truck

The Good Guys West Coast Nationals were only a few days away when John Alves found himself face to face with a huge dilemma. He was supposed to be driving 500 miles from San Diego to Pleasanton, California, but the unpredictable happened. He needed a new engine. On top of the engine change,  Mr. Alves had needed shocks for quite some time. With the car show getting closer and closer Mr. Alves reached out to Aldan American after his first round of shocks did not fit. He discussed his dilemma at depth with the Aldan American Team, even emailing...

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How to Install Thrust Bearings – DIY Video

Gary gets dirty in the Aldan American workshop and demonstrates the right way to install thrust bearings on spring seats. This makes it easier to adjust the ride height.   Spoiler Alert: Wear Gloves! Lots of grease involved!...

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