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A Look Back at The Third and Fourth Generation Chevrolet Camaro

Third Generation Chevrolet Camaro (1982-1992) The third-generation Chevrolet Camaro was introduced in 1982 and continued in production until 1992. It was a significant redesign over the previous generation Camaro, featuring a sleeker, more aerodynamic body style with improved handling and more powerful engines. Photo credit: Chevy built the 1982-1992 Camaro on a new GM F-body platform, which it shared with the Pontiac Firebird. The new platform was lighter and…

Best of the Builders uses Aldan Coilovers for Pantera De Tomaso

The paint on this Pantera is unreal. Did it make it to the Nationals? The Pantera De Tomaso, designed by Tom Tjaarda is a timeless, early American Supercar. Ilene and Ken F. set out to build a beautiful 1972 Pantera Pre-L car. This Pantera De Tomaso was under the gun to compete in the National Street Rod Associations, “Elite Builders Showcase” at the “Street Rod Nationals” in Louisville Kentucky last month….