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How to Install Coilovers on your Classic Mustang from 3 YouTubers

Looking to lower your Classic Mustang with Aldan American Coilovers? Checkout these step-by-step install from 3 YouTubers! Ben Kahn installs Aldan American Coilovers on his 1965 Mustang. Nate Ride Installs coilovers on his 1969 Mustang. Gari installs coilovers on his Mustang II. Do you have a YouTube Channel? Fill out our Aldan American Ambassador form here! Shop Mustang Kits Here.

Ben Kahan | 1965 Mustang

Ben Kahan is a third-generation hot rodder from Burbank, California. Ben’s YouTube channel, Four Speed Films, aims to introduce the younger generation to classic cars. In addition, he wants to inspire people to learn how to work on mechanical things with their own hands. Ben has a 1965 Mustang that is modestly built. His goal is to keep the car aesthetically period correct, but he is not afraid to modify…