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Car Craft Challenger Build Episode 3: Rear Suspension and Final Touches

Car Craft celebrated the new year with the third and final segment for the 1972 Dodge Challenger build series. In episode 3, the team consists of Car builder Kevin Tetz, Hot Rod magazine editor John McGann, and Pure Vision owner Steven Strope. The group focuses on the rear suspension and final touches.  The original rear axle is dropped out of the car, and the leaf spring is removed. McGann builds…

Car Craft Episode 1 – 1972 Challenger E Body

Car Craft is back! The magazine that inspired motorheads started with the inaugural issue in 1953 and gave in-depth tech on American muscle cars. It was revived as a video series three years after the final issue was printed. Car Craft is still committed to building real-world vehicles emphasizing functionality and budget. In the first segment of the new web series, car builder Kevin Tetz and Hot Rod Magazine editor…