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1973: A New Generation of Chevy Trucks, and Their First Dually

As 1972 was drawing to a close, an entirely new lineup of Chevy pickups was raring to drive right smack into the public’s eye…and pickup history. Here’s a rewind back to that time, some 48 years ago! The years may have flown, but Chevy pickup enthusiasts and collectors recall these trucks like it was yesterday. That’s because Chevy pickups had never looked like that, looked so good and offered as…

Before the El Camino or the Apache Fleetside Pickup, There Was the Cameo Carrier

In March 1955, Chevrolet launched an entirely new series of trucks and pickups—they were advertised as “Task Force” trucks—and Chevy was determined to give the public vehicles for whatever tasks they had. So, they rolled out an innovative Task Force pickup to catch the eye of new and more buyers: the Cameo Carrier. With the Task Force trucks, Chevy was rolling out something that drove better, felt better and looked…