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The Complete Guide to Car and Truck Suspension Parts

The Complete Guide to Car and Truck Suspension Parts Often overlooked, but one of the most crucial systems within a car or truck is suspension. The suspension is responsible for how effectively a vehicle responds to road obstacles, challenging road conditions and other hazards. On-road examples of this include but are not limited to: potholes, uneven pavement, banked turns and speed bumps. The suspension plays a critical role by softening…

Product Spotlight: 1960-75 Ford Musclecar Rear Shock Kits

If you own a Ford Mustang, Torino, Fairlane, Falcon, Ranchero, or Mercury Cyclone or Cougar and are looking to upgrade your rear suspension, at Aldan American we’ve got a full line of adjustable shock absorbers for your ride. Aldan TrueLine Series shock absorber kits are now available for your classic Ford muscle car. Aldan TrueLine Series are designed to convert your rear suspension to adjustable shock absorbers. Designed for the…