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One Off Rides Garage 1972 Chevelle

A 1972 with a new lease on life hits the streets and the track. Check out this awesome Chevelle. One Off Rides Garage built this 1972 Chevelle to compete at the Super Chevy Muscle Car Challenge in 2018. This car underwent a full restoration including an LS swap, coilovers, brakes and new suspension. Here’s a video from Super Chevy of the team at One Off Rides Garage talking about their custom…

1968 Chevelle Prep for 2019 Muscle Car Challenge

After competing in last year’s Muscle Challenge, the team from One Off Rides Garages new build will be joining us again for 2019. James W will be competing this year in his 1968 Chevelle. The team at One Off Rides Garage is currently being prepping this Chevelle to compete at this year’s Super Chevy Challenge. Aldan American is setting this Chevelle up with our GM Road Comp Series Coilovers for…