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Maximum G-Force Mustang

Upgrade your 1964-73 Mustang’s handling with high-tech parts from Aldan American By Cam Benty Photos by Cam Benty and Gary Nelson When the Mustang arrived on the American landscape in March of 1964, it cast the die for all the fun to drive, compact, “Pony cars” to follow. With crisp steering, solid performance, and good – for the era – handling, it was a big hit right from the start….

40 Years of Innovation!

Replace your 40 year old shocks and springs with 40 years of innovation. Ready for an upgrade? Established in 1981, Aldan American has been designing and manufacturing coilovers and performance suspension products for 40 years. Made here in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. we are the professional’s choice for high-quality performance suspension system upgrades and parts. In 40 years a lot has changed – especially when it comes to your suspension….

AXS 2008-2018 Challenger Lowering Springs

If you’re looking for Dodge Challenger front and rear lowering springs – Aldan American has the right set up to help you get the stance you’ve always wanted.  Welcome to the Aldan Shock Lab – In this episode Garret at Aldan American, walks you through our options to convert your SRT, Hellcat, Dodge Demon, or any Hemi equipped Dodge Challenger to lowering springs.  The Aldan American 2008-2018 Dodge Challenger –…

5 Ways to Modernize Your Classic Car Suspension

 5 Ways to Modernize Your Classic Car Suspension  How can I Improve the drivability and performance of my classic car? Classic cars and trucks from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s had design, styling and engines that we still reference and use today in modern production vehicles. In the past, when it came to suspension upgrades, performance options were limited. With modern technology and with decades in suspension engineering improvements, we…