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88-98 Chevy Road Comp Series

Aldan American’s Garrett provides a breakdown of the 1988-1998 Chevy and GMC Trucks, front and rear coilover conversion kit at the Aldan Shock Lab. The Aldan American Road Comp Series coilovers are on both the front and the rear of this Chevy. The Road Comp coilovers offers an adjustable right height as well as 11 settings of adjustment for rebound. Learn about options to convert your classic C1500 Chevrolet or…

1988-1998 Chevy/GMC GMT400 C1500 Coilovers

If you’re building or driving a 1988-1998 C1500 truck, we’ve got a full line of suspension performance kits for your ride. Aldan C1500 suspension packages are designed to convert your stock, front suspension to fully ride-height adjustable coil-overs with adjustable shock absorbers in the rear.  Designed for the GMT400 and C1500 2wd truck chassis. Aldan Phantom Series, single adjustable coil-overs combined with Aldan TrueLine Series shock absorbers, deliver superior handling &…