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Coil-over-shocks are the foundation of a winning suspension. Designed with race-proven damping technology meant to suspend the vehicle in one easy-to-mount assembly, coil-over-shocks exemplify efficiency at its best both on and off the road.


Aldan coil-over shocks are manufactured in the U.S. from lightweight, high-strength 6061-T6 billet aluminum. Aluminum is chosen over steel for several reasons, including lightness and its far better ability to shed the heat generated by the shock’s movements than steel. Every Aldan American coil-over shock is fully serviceable and rebuildable and comes with Aldan’s Forever Guarantee.

Aldan American coil-over shocks are available in factory pre-set (non adjustable), single-adjustable (rebound) and double-adjustable (rebound and compression) configurations. Shock ends can be ordered with polyurethane bushings for a more comfortable ride or with spherical bearings for more precise control.

All Aldan American coilover shocks have been designed and developed incorporating our more than 40 years of experience in muscle car suspension and are available in almost any dimension for your street rod, hot rod, classic or modern muscle car and truck, and racing or custom chassis vehicle.


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    In this video, Garrett from Aldan American reviews the Aldan’s RCX Series of bolt-on, double adjustable coilovers.

    The RCX coilovers are installed on a second gen Camaro front clip that’s been adapted to a 55’ Chevy 3100 series pickup. RCX double adjustable coilover kits offer independent adjustment of both the rebound and compression shock settings for greater control, improved handling and responsiveness when comparing to stock style suspensions. These kits from Aldan will also offer ride height adjustment from stock height to 2.0” of lowering and can be used with stock or aftermarket tubular control arms.


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What do coilovers do?

Car coilovers are suspension components that are designed to improve the handling and performance of a vehicle. Coilovers consist of a shock absorber with a coil spring wrapped around it, all housed in a single unit that is installed in place of the original factory shock absorber.

Coilovers provide several benefits over traditional suspension systems, including the ability to adjust ride height, damping force, and spring rate. This allows drivers to fine-tune their suspension to their specific driving style and the conditions of the road or track they are driving on.

Coilovers also improve handling by reducing body roll, which is the tendency for a vehicle to lean or sway during cornering. By keeping the vehicle more level and stable, coilovers allow for better traction and improved handling performance. Overall, coilovers are a popular choice for enthusiasts and performance-oriented drivers who want to improve the look, handling, and performance of their vehicle. However, it’s important to note that coilovers require proper installation and adjustment to ensure proper performance and safety.

How long do coilovers last?

The lifespan of coilovers can vary depending on several factors, such as the quality of the components, driving style, and maintenance practices. Generally, a well-maintained set of coilovers can last anywhere from 50,000 to 100,000 miles or more.

Aldan American coilovers however are rebuildable meaning they are designed to be disassembled and serviced when necessary. Unlike non-rebuildable coilovers, which are designed to be replaced entirely when they wear out or fail, Aldan American’s rebuildable coilovers can be taken apart, inspected, and repaired or replaced as needed.

A rebuildable shock absorber contains several internal components such as pistons, valves, and seals that can wear out over time. By being able to disassemble the shock absorber, these internal components can be inspected and replaced, restoring the coilover’s performance and extending its lifespan. Rebuildable coilovers are often preferred by racing enthusiasts and high-performance drivers who demand the highest level of performance and adjustability from their suspension systems. By being able to adjust and service the coilovers as needed, you can fine-tune your suspension to match your specific driving style and vehicle setup, and also save money over the long term by avoiding the need to replace the entire coilover assembly.

Are Aldan American’s coilovers universal?

Yes. Our universal coilovers are designed to fit a wide variety of vehicles, regardless of the make and model. They are designed to be adjustable and adaptable to fit different types of vehicles, and are often used by enthusiasts who own multiple vehicles and want a suspension system that can be easily transferred between them.

Our universal coilovers feature a threaded shock body that can be adjusted to the desired ride height, as well as adjustable damping force and spring rate to fine-tune the suspension to the specific vehicle and driving conditions. Aldan American’s universal coilovers do not require any drilling or cutting and are designed to bolt on and go.

Are Aldan American Coilovers adjustable?

Aldan American’s coilovers are fully adjustable. Our coilovers allow you to lower your ride height by as much as 2” by adjusting the position of the spring perch on the threaded shock body.

Aldan American coilovers also offer adjustment of damping force, which is the resistance of the shock absorber to compression and rebound. This can be adjusted to make the suspension stiffer or softer, depending on the driving conditions and preferences. Additionally, our coilovers offer adjustment of spring rate, which is the stiffness of the coil spring. This can be useful for fine-tuning the suspension to the weight of the vehicle and the intended use, such as for racing or street driving.

How long does it take to install coilovers?

Level of experience, the specific make and model of your vehicle, and the complexity of the installation process can play a factor in the install time, but on average, the installation process will take about 4 to 8 hours for someone with moderate mechanical skills and experience working on cars.


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