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Classic Truck

Classic Truck Suspension

A classic truck deserves its hard-earned respect. Updating your classic truck suspension with Aldan American coilover shocks is one of the best improvements you can make to dramatically improve your classic truck’s handling and ride comfort—bringing these enduring vehicles into the modern era of performance.

Truck Suspension Parts that are Built to Last

Aldan American truck suspension parts are as well-built as your classic truck. Your classic truck was built to last, and Aldan American classic truck suspension coilovers are some of the longest lasting coilovers on the road today. Aldan’s extensive line of truck suspension parts provides single, double, and factory pre-set valving options for your classic truck. All Aldan American coilovers offer adjustable ride height features and are factory serviceable, making Aldan American coilovers a brand that’s designed to be worthy of your time-honored vehicle.

Custom Truck Suspension Parts for Classic Trucks

If you know your classic truck’s suspension in and out, then you know that IRS, 4 link, trailing arms, ladder bar and other styles of rear end setups can benefit from Aldan American coilovers. Furthermore, IFS setups using control arms or Mustang II configurations achieve their greatest performance when using coilover shocks. Whatever you want to achieve in the appearance, handling, ride comfort, and performance of your classic truck—Aldan American has the truck suspension parts you need.

American-Made Truck Suspension Parts for America’s Greatest Trucks

Every component of our coilovers, shocks, springs and truck suspension parts are manufactured and hand assembled here in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. Feel free to call us anytime to learn which coilovers would be the ideal fit for the needs of your classic truck suspension.

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