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Street Rod / Hot Rod

Street Rod and Hot Rod Suspension

Aldan American parts are the first—and still the best—in modernizing the handling and comfort from your street rod suspension or hot rod suspension. While the definition of a street rod versus a hot rod may be up for (gloriously enjoyable) debate, there’s no question that the iconic Aldan American line of coilover shocks offers the widest selection of lengths, adjustability and mounting options—giving you the perfect ride height, performance and reliability you need for a customized driving machine.

Create the Ultimate Hot Rod Suspension

Aldan American’s hot rod suspension parts are available in multiple length and adjustability options—including Double Adjustable, Single Adjustable and Factory Pre-Set/Non Adjustable applications—giving you the ability to create the precise level of handling, comfort, performance, and ride height or stance that you want to achieve in your hot rod.

Street Rod Suspension Parts

For a vehicle as extraordinary as a street rod, nothing but customized street rod suspension parts will do. Your street rod is designed (and/or redesigned) for stunning good looks and a great ride—Aldan American street rod suspension parts can achieve both of those goals: cruise in style and ease.

American-Made and Committed to Quality

Every component of our coilovers, shocks and springs are manufactured and hand assembled here in Los Angeles, California, U.S.A. From ‘32 Fords to full size sedans, Aldan American coilovers are the best way to improve the quality of your hot rod suspension or street rod suspension and to maximize your vehicle’s handling and performance. Feel free to call us and learn more about the specific benefits that Aldan American coilovers can provide for your one-of-a-kind vehicle.

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