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1970 2nd Gen Camaro Coilover Install

Aldan American offers a full line of 1st and 2nd Gen Camaro coilovers and suspension kits for your 1967-1981 Chevrolet Camaro, Pontiac Firebird, Oldsmobile Omega, Chevrolet Nova, F Body (1967-1981), and X Body (1968-1974).

Aldan American’s Camaro coilovers are made in the USA and use factory hardware designed to be used on all OEM mounting locations. Aldan’s Phantom Series, single adjustable Camaro coilovers deliver superior handling and ride quality for a drastic improvement over stock suspension.

For this Camaro we decided to use Aldan American’s double adjustable coilover system up front and a single adjustable rear “smooth body” rear shock with the factory leaf spring in the rear. The double adjustable coilovers in the front feature 20 levels of rebound adjustment and six compression settings. In the rear the smooth body shock has 11 clicks of adjustment for rebound only (note: a double adjustable rear shock will be soon available according to Aldan American).