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1996 Chevrolet Impala SS Suspension Upgrade

Revitalize Your Chevrolet Impala Rear Suspension!

Upgrade your 1971-1996 Chevrolet Impala with Aldan American’s adjustable suspension kits! Transform your GM B-Body, GM Full-Size classic, and more with Aldan’s high-performance coilvers and shocks and experience a dynamic suspension like never before. Choose between single or double adjustable shocks for ultimate tuning capabilities. Our TruLine Series offers single adjustable shocks, perfect for fine-tuning your shocks’ rebound speed. Meanwhile, our TrackLine Series provides double adjustable shocks, allowing independent adjustment of both rebound and compression settings for maximum performance.

Easily tune your shock adjustments to soften or firm up your rear suspension based on your preferences. Designed to seamlessly integrate with factory-style rear springs and utilizing OEM shock mounting locations, Aldan shocks ensure a hassle-free installation process. If you’re seeking better handling and a smoother ride, Aldan American Shock Kits are the ultimate solution. Simply bolt-on & go!

Key Features:

✅ OEM Like Fitment
✅ Choose Single or Double Adjustable shocks
✅ Crafted from lightweight, high-strength billet aluminum
✅ Effortlessly tune for a smoother ride
✅ Shock Position: Rear
✅ Fully rebuildable & serviceable

Upgrade your rear suspension today and enjoy enhanced performance and comfort with Aldan American Shock Kits! 🚗💨