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1997-2002 Plymouth Prowler Coilover Kit

Revitalize your 1997-2002 Plymouth Prowler with the Aldan American coilover kit! Featuring front and rear coilover shocks with 450 lb./in. front and 550 lb./in. rear compression springs, and hydraulic shocks boasting 11 points of rebound adjustment. Say goodbye to the old days of swapping out suspension parts for a change in ride feel! Proudly 100% American-made and fully rebuildable, ensuring years of on-road service without needing to purchase new parts. With Aldan American’s newest coilover package, enjoy true ride tunability for your Prowler, enhancing its already exhilarating driving experience. Remember, professional realignment is crucial to maintain proper caster, camber, and toe-inch specs, preventing excessive part wear and ensuring optimal steering control. Prowlers are unforgettable, and now, with Aldan American coilovers, they can be enjoyed to the fullest on any adventure, from road trips to cruise nights. The choice is yours! 🌟 #prowler #plymouth #aldanamerican #musclecar