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Black Widow 1955 Chevy

1955 Chevy with Sentimental Value | SEMA Build and Smooth Ride Transformation

Growing up drag racing in Huntington Beach, Skrape never forget this slammed ’55 Chevy that caught his eye. Years later, when he came across a similar ’55 Chevy he knew he had to have it.

What started as a personal connection soon turned into a full-blown SEMA build. The result? A wild and vibrant purple color, paying tribute to one of his dearest friends. It’s become his absolute favorite car.

However, when he first finished it, the ride was less than ideal. Leaf springs and gas shocks made it a rough journey. That’s when Skrape decided to team up with Aldan American. The moment we swapped in those new Aldan shocks, it was a game-changer.

We put the Chevy to the test, driving 1,100 miles from Oklahoma back to Arizona, and the transformation was incredible. It rode so smoothly that even my brother, who has a bad back, didn’t complain. It’s safe to say this classic beauty is now a dream to drive! Black Widow 1955 Chevy