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Dive into Suspension Talk with @TheLsSwapGuru at the Aldan Shock Lab! 🔧

Join us as the LS SWAP Guru sits down with the Aldan Team to delve into all things suspension. 🚗

Discover the importance of upgrading your suspension, especially considering that many builds are still rolling on 30, 40, or even 50-year-old suspension components that simply weren’t built to last that long.

With the expertise of the Aldan Team, the LS Guru has found the perfect solution to eliminate the G-Body shuffle, revolutionizing the driving experience.

Addressing the frustrations of modernizing G-body builds, the LS Guru emphasizes the shift from 15-inch rims to larger 22 to 26-inch wheels, making ride height adjustment a challenge. But with Aldan Kits, he’s able to effortlessly integrate either their single or double adjustable kits, ensuring optimal performance and handling for these builds. 🛠️💥

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