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Mustang II Coilover Kits & Suspension Upgrades

1974 – 1978

Mustang II Front Coilover Shocks

Years: 1974 – 1978

While the 1974-1978 Mustang II is unlikely to make any enthusiast’s top 10 list of Mustangs, it played an essential role in Mustang history and in the automotive aftermarket. Many automotive historians believe that without the Mustang II, it’s likely the Mustang as a model line could have ended in 1973.

When adapting the Pinto front suspension to the more upscale Mustang II, Ford engineers devised an innovative solution to improve ride quality and reduce noise. They fitted the Pinto components to a subframe, including the rack and pinion steering rack.

This made the subframe, with all suspension, steering and front disc brakes attached, easily removable. More importantly, it was straightforward fit into other vehicles, including first-gen Mustangs, Cobra kit cars, and production-based drag racers, among many other applications.

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1964 – 1973 Ford Mustang
1979 – 1993 Ford Mustang
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Mustang II

  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • True Bolt-On Design
  • Properly Lowers 0.0-2.0” From Stock
  • Fully Adjustable – Improves Handling & Control
  • Smoother Ride on The Street
  • Easy To Tune With Turn Dial Adjustment – Set To Your Liking!
  • Aldan Shocks are Fully Rebuildable & Serviceable
  • Lifetime Warranty
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      Coilover Kit – Ford Mustang 1964-1973 Front

      SKU: M1SBF2S-M1BBF2DFordMustang1964-1973
      Engine Type
      Coilover Adjustment
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      Coilover Kit – Ford Mustang 1979-2004 Rear

      SKU: 300210-300223FordMustang1979-2004
      Coilover Adjustment
      Spring Rate lbs/in.
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      Shock Absorber Kit – Ford Mustang 1964-1973 Rear

      SKU: 100102-300279FordMustang1964-1973
      Shock Adjustment
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      Shock Absorber Kit – Ford Mustang 1974-1978 Rear

      SKU: 100102-300279FordMustang1974-1978
      Shock Adjustment
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      Suspension Package – Ford Mustang 1964-1973 Front and Rear

      SKU: 300124-300298FordMustang1964-1973
      Engine Type
      Coilover Adjustment

Aldan American MII Front Suspension Upgrade

Choose Aldan American MII coilover shock absorbers to upgrade your street rod, hot rod, muscle car, classic car or truck, racing vehicle or custom chassis project fitted with a Mustang II front suspension. Installation is bolt-on with no drilling or welding required for an easy installation.

The separate left and right dampers are single-adjustable configurations with 20 levels of rebound adjustment. Plus, with adjustable spring perches on the coilover shocks, you can lower the ride height of your front suspension by up to 3.0 inches.

Every Aldan American suspension component has been designed and developed with more than 40 years of experience in American muscle suspension. Aldan coilovers and shocks are manufactured in the U.S. from lightweight, high-strength 6061-T6 billet aluminum, are fully serviceable and rebuildable, and come with Aldan’s Forever Guarantee.


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Vehicle Spotlight: Mike Miller – 1966 Ford Mustang

In this episode, Mike Miller joins us at the Aldan Shock Lab to talk about his experience growing up in the Los Angeles car scene and highlights his 1966 Aldan equipped Ford Mustang.


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