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Top 8 GM G-Body Suspension Tips

GM’s G-Body factory platform originally featured a wishbone A-arm, coil spring, and shock absorber in the front. In the rear, it contained a coil spring and shock absorber. This was considered the standard for rear-wheel drive at the time. But now that suspensions have been modernized, updating your G-Body’s suspension can change your whole ride experience. Below, we’ve outlined the most effective tips for updating these classic cars. Update to coilovers….

Top 5 Things to Know About Coil Springs

Coil springs are a vital part of your car’s makeup. While we’ve recently talked a lot about shock absorbers, today, we’re diving into the small but mighty coil spring. These important parts also absorb shock and preserve the force between two connecting surfaces. That’s why you see them in many of our everyday items—from watches to toys to cars. In vehicles, they absorb the bumps from the road, but that’s not…