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The Hottest of the Hot Rods: The Iconic ’32 Ford

Deuce Highboy 1932 Ford Roadster Possesses Ohio-Look | Image from Motortrend It rolled out to amazing fanfare 90 years ago, and today the 1932 Ford is still popular with hot-rod/street-rod enthusiasts, historians and collectors. More than that, the ’32 Fords stayed (and stay) in our consciousness and the limelight. The ’32 turned out to be the ultimate platform for some iconic cars. The 1932 Ford replaced the Model A and…

How to Install Coilovers on your Classic Mustang from 3 YouTubers

Looking to lower your Classic Mustang with Aldan American Coilovers? Checkout these step-by-step install from 3 YouTubers! Ben Kahn installs Aldan American Coilovers on his 1965 Mustang. Nate Ride Installs coilovers on his 1969 Mustang. Gari installs coilovers on his Mustang II. Do you have a YouTube Channel? Fill out our Aldan American Ambassador form here! Shop Mustang Kits Here.

’88-’96 C4 Corvette Rear Coilover Kit Press Release

Road Comp Series, 1988-1996 Corvette (C4), Rear Coilover Kit Road Comp Series coilover kits are now available from Aldan American for the 1988-1996 Chevrolet Corvette. Made in the U.S.A., Road Comp Series coilover kits offer a bolt-on design and include everything you need to convert your factory rear suspension to adjustable coilovers. Aldan kits offer stock height to 2.0” of lowering. Bolt-On & GO! Check out our C4 Coilover Kits Here….

Chevy Cut a Suburban Down to Size

The “Urban”? No…the K5 Blazer.  Sometimes a new star is born not out of innovation, but from catching up to the competition. That’s the story behind one of the most popular sport-utility vehicles ever made: the Chevy Blazer.  1966 Bronco Half CabImage Courtesy of Garret Harmola of Aldan American In 1966, Ford introduced the Ford Bronco, their first in the compact off-road category. But the Bronco was in response to…

Looking Back at the Buick Skylark Gran Sport

Over the years, the Buick Skylark changed its look and style more than an aging Hollywood star, but things started to roll when the Gran Sport made its debut in 1965. There were a few starts and stops along the way though…the Skylark name had its debut in 1953 and was introduced as the Roadmaster Skylark. It was one of several very special GM convertibles introduced that year, and the…

Tanya Toothman | 1989 C4 Corvette

Tanya Toothman from West Covina, CA visited us at the Aldan Shock Lab and got the full Aldan American Treatment with new coilovers for her 1989 C4 Corvette. When Tanya’s not on the track, she runs a construction company. Tanya’s passion for killer cars and track days started at a young age. Around 5 years old she started going to the Pamona Drags with her dad. Recently, Tanya joined The…

James White | 1999 Chevy 2DR Tahoe

James White is 41 years old and from the San Gabriel Valley CA. James’s Instagram page, @626Chevelle, posts muscle car builds, performance parts and races. James recently came to the Aldan Studio with his Aldan-equipped 1999 Chevy 2DR Tahoe. When James isn’t cruising around in the Tahoe you can find him in his ’68 Chevelle. His 1968 Chevelle has been heavily modified with a cammed LS2 with AFR heads, Tremec…