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Jeff Smith’s Garage – Installing Coilovers on a 1966 Chevelle

Our friend Jeff Smith of Jeff Smith’s Garage has launched a new YouTube channel featuring automotive how-to’s, tech and full build features. If you’ve ever read the pages of Hot Rod Magazine or Car Craft – Jeff Smith has contributed his car-know how and expertise to these titles and more for decades. In Jeff’s latest how-to video, Jeff Smith updates his 1966 Chevelle chassis with Aldan American, Road Comp Series…

Ranchero – DIY Front Install

This week the at the Aldan American Shock Lab, Charlie Rivers, an LA local dropped off his 1970 Ford Ranchero for the Aldan American experience. Our Aldan American Bolt-On & Go! coil over solutions allow you to easily improve the looks and handling of your car. For more detailed step-by-step instructions follow us on YouTube to stay up to date on this build! With new suspension, the collectible is well…

Hansen Racing Installs Coilovers On A 1965 Ford Mustang!

Checkout this ’65 Mustang get the Aldan American treatment. Viktor at Hansen Racing recently installed our Road Comp Series Coilover suspension kit on a 1965 Ford Mustang. Hansen Racing takes us through the process from start to finish on how to upgrade your suspension. If you’re looking for an easy step by step video watch as Viktor takes us through how to remove old shocks and coilovers and install new…

How to Assemble Coilover Shocks – DIY Video

Gary, shows us step by step how to assemble a coil-over shock. With this knowledge almost anybody could assemble it by themselves at home! The steps are straight forward but when handling Aldan American equipment for your vehicle make sure to follow this step by step tutorial to ensure it’s done right!          

How to Disassemble Shocks – DIY Video

If you need to disassemble your Aldan American Shocks.  Gary here at Aldan, shows us how.  

Coilover Shocks 67′ Ford Mustang – DIY Install

The new millennial Trend “Saturday’s are for the Boys,” came to reality when our recent high school grads Wyatt & Spencer kick-off our Weekend Wrench Series. They show us how easy it is to install our adjustable front coilovers on a 1967 Ford Mustang over the weekend. In this video, the Aldan team shows us how to properly remove the factory, front shocks and springs and fully replace with Aldan American’s bolt-on…

DIY Robert’s 64 Chevy Coilover Install

Robert’s very nice mildly hot rodded 64 Chevy Impala Convertible is getting the Aldan American Coil-Over treatment at Powerhaus in Torrance CA. First we placed the car safely on the lift and protected the slick powder coated frame and removed the wheels.   The Aldan American Coil-Over kit P/N 300134 is laid out for inspection. This kit includes billet aluminum compression adjustable shocks, new hardware and springs. These hybrid design…

Corvette Coilovers – C5 Install for Performance & Quality Ride

C5 Corvette owner in Los Angeles was interested in removing his mono leafs and Z06 factory shocks and replacing this stock setup with ride-height adjustable coilovers.Why did he want this change?  He was using his C5 for a daily drive but also wanted to be have the ability to hit the track and the canyons whenever possible. He was looking for an all around solution that he could set his shock damping…