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Top 8 GM G-Body Suspension Tips

GM’s G-Body factory platform originally featured a wishbone A-arm, coil spring, and shock absorber in the front. In the rear, it contained a coil spring and shock absorber. This was considered the standard for rear-wheel drive at the time. But now that suspensions have been modernized, updating your G-Body’s suspension can change your whole ride experience. Below, we’ve outlined the most effective tips for updating these classic cars. Update to coilovers….

Road Comp Series Coilovers – Aldan American

If you own a classic muscle car from General Motors from the late 50’s on up to the 1980’s you know how great these cars are. Looking to make your ride even better? Check out our new Road Comp Series bolt-on coilover kits. Watch Our New Video Below Made in the U.S.A., Aldan American coilovers are fully adjustable for maximum performance and on road comfort. Aldan Road Comp coilovers are…

Top 10 Aldan Builds – Instagram 2018

See our Top 10 Instagram build pics from 2018. We saw a lot of trucks, muscle cars and one off creations running Aldan coilovers, shocks and springs this year. Here are some of our favorites. 1.@c5_madmax 2. @626chevelle X @oneoffridesgarage 3.@american_tuning_style 4.@montecarlo4sho 5.@sevenchevys 6.@brace_30 7.@Fitec_efi 8.@k.streets 9.@1.loud_392 10. @trouble1991 If you have an Aldan equipped ride, or if you’ve got a build in the works or if you’re looking to make…

Chevelle, GTO, 442, El Camino – GM A-Body Suspension Kits

If you’re looking to upgrade your Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo or other GM A-Body from 1964-1988 to adjustable shocks or coilovers – Check out some of our new bolt on coilover and shock kits. FRONT SUSPENSION KITS – Coilovers GM Road Comp Series front kits include adjustable coilovers, springs and all of the hardware aneeded to fully convert your classic muscle car to ride height adjustable and tunable coil-overs….

Product of the Month

If you have a classic GM A-Body or G-Body car we have a full line of bolt on coilover suspension upgrades designed to lower and achieve new levels of handling with your classic muscle car. Chevelle, El Camino, Monte Carlo, Grand National, GTO owners and more  (Buick, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet & Pontiac) now have a all in one solution to bolt on coilovers for the perfect stance and added handling performance…

Saved From The Crusher – 1969 Malibu Resurrection

Jack Nelson originally purchased this 1969 Malibu in 1984 for $150.00. It was advertised as “not running” in the Saturday morning Daily Breeze paper for $200.00. He towed it home and proceeded to diagnose why it wouldn’t start. The first problem he found was the 2 barrel carburetor body was loose from the base plate. He removed it and tightened the 3 screws. He primed the float bowl with some…

Buick Chevy Pontiac Olds Coilovers

Set your stance right where you want it. Stance salvation for GM Muscle Cars, “One shock at a time.” We’ve designed our front coilover conversion kits to replaces factory shocks and springs with high performance, adjustable coilovers. Adjust your ride-height from 0.0-2.0”. Part # ABFMS Using your factory upper spring pockets, our high travel, conical coilsprings seat seamlessly where your old springs used to live. Our cold wound, high tensile, light-weight coilsprings…

Easy Install Video-Chevelle Coilovers

Aldan seen on including a video and article about installing GM A-Body (1968 Chevelle) Coil-Over Suspension Kit. ALDAN AMERICAN Makes it Easy – Bolt On, Rear Coilover Conversion Kits for 1964-1972 GM A-Body Cars 64’-72’ GM A-Body owners can now convert to a coilover suspension with ease. Street & track tested, Aldan kits come complete with everything needed to convert rear factory suspensions to a fully adjustable coilover system. Superior quality,…