Aldan Product Data Achieves Platinum Status with SEMA Data Co-Op

We recently launched our product data with the SEMA Data Co-Op and achieved Platinum status (Highest Quality – Yep, that’s how we roll).

Why does product data matter? By formatting product data into industry standardized  formatting like ACES/PIES standards, we’re able to make our products more search friendly. Barcodes, web links, instruction sheets, year/make/model fitment are some of the benefits and important factors in standardizing product data.

What the, is ACES/PIES? When you have a part number – ACES/PIES is a series of information tied into a part number that makes it searchable and ingestible by different websites and search engines.

For more info, and to request access to our full line of product data – Check out the SEMA Data Co-Op Here