Armon Ebrahimian | 1968 Mustang Fastback

Armon Ebrahimian is a 26-year-old living in Northern California with a passion for vintage cars and motorcycles.

Armon started an initiative he calls “Save Classic Cars”, which is dedicated to the preservation of classic and historic vehicles. The initiative aims to provide classic vehicle owners a platform to connect with others within the community. The end goal is to raise awareness regarding the importance of classic vehicles and to keep them on the road where they belong.

One of Armon’s projects is a highland green 1968 Mustang fastback- he built this car from a shell and drives it daily.

The plan for this car was to build a classic mustang that could go fast, stop hard, and take a corner- all while maintaining comfort and a stock appearance.

The car is powered by a 428 FE, mated to a close ratio toploader 4 speed transmission.

The fastback is running Aldan coilovers up front and adjustable shocks in the rear.

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