Buttercup C10 In the Wild

Meet Buttercup. This 1974 C-10 pickup built by Johny G at Johny’s Garage out of Bell Gardens, California is one bad machine.
Factory paint with updated exterior and interior components set this truck apart and make for the perfect setup.
The best part of this build? It’s static. “No Airbags!?” No Airbags. “But how is it so low?” Porterbuilt suspension combined with our Phantom Series coilovers and Aldan’s high-travel coilsprings make this ride-height possible. U.S. Mag wheels and the proper tire size make the stance just right.

Catch Buttercup at the next truck show near you. For more C-10 inspiration, check out Johny’s Garage on Instagram @66chevy

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Have a great Saturday.