3 Suspension Upgrades for your Chevy C10 Truck

If you’re building or driving a 1963-1987 Chevrolet C10 and looking to upgrade your suspension, here’s a couple options your can order and install over the weekend.
C10 Suspension Kits

C10 Adjustable Shocks

If your truck is stock, lowered or running air bags, a good set of adjustable shocks will make the world of difference with your coil springs or airbags. The benefit of adjustable shocks is that you gain the option to tune the damping of your shock for a softer or firmer ride. Your springs support your vehicle and your shock controls the spring.
rear airbag suspnsion, open truck bed with Aldan shocks
The more adjustability you have in your rebound and compression adjustment in your shocks – the better you’ll be able to control your spring and improve your truck’s ride quality and overall drivability.

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C10 Coilovers with Tubular Control Arms

Upgrading to fully adjustable C10 Coilovers is a great way to improve suspension geometry, cornering capability as well as the overall stance of your classic Chevy or GMC truck.
red c10 classic truck in garage
Our fully bolt-on coilover kits are designed to use your C10’s factory crossmember to add fully adjustable coilovers with tubular upper and lower control arms. By adding coilovers to your front end, you can raise and lower your ride height to get your stance exactly where you want your truck to ride.
C10 Coilover Shock with Tubular Control Arms
Running adjustable coilovers also allows you to tune your shocks to get the best ride quality possible. Tubular control arms offer improved geometry to get your truck lower and improve overall handling in your classic pickup.
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Custom Chassis, Universal Length Coilovers For Your C10

If you’re running a custom chassis, IFS or rear 4-link kit, custom length coilovers are what you’ll need. If you can measure your ride height or determine your coilover’s extended length your on your way to finding the right coilover shocks for your ride.
Aldan American Coilovers
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Triangulated 4-link kit with coilovers
For help in determining spring rates, shock lengths and what coilover combination is right for you, contact our team
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C10 Suspension Upgrades
Get the most out of your classic truck’s suspension with Aldan American shocks and coilovers. Shop our 63-87 C10 and R10 Suspension kits today and get free shipping on orders $199 and up!