Cookies & Coilovers with 2 Guys Garage

“It’s all Cookies & Coilovers at the 2 Guys Garage,” at least according to Willie B. 

In the From the Ashes episode 2 Guys Garage Shows, expert gearhead Willie B, shares what makes Aldan American’s Road Comp Coilovers Awesome.

Two Guys Garage features a new project, each week, be sure to check out the episode Aldan American is featured in to see an LS Converted 1968 Firebird rise from the ashes, with Willie B and his partner, Kevin Byrd’s help. In the episode, Willie B covers why you should choose Aldan American for your next build. 

“Made in the U.S.A., Machined from light-weight, high strength 6061-T6, billet aluminum. Aldan American coilovers are fully adjustable for maximum performance and on-road comfort. Easy to tune and fully ride-height adjustable, allowing stock height or drop it to 2.0.” – Willie B.

“Willie collects, restores, and rebuilds muscle cars, Jeeps, motorcycles, and other toys; he’s not afraid to race, crash, and blow them up either”…so he knows what he’s talking about. 

Check out the 2 Guys Garage show – every Sunday at 10:00 AM ET with Replays Saturdays at 1:30 PM ET on MotorTrend. 

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Come for the cookies, stay for the coilovers.