Dodge Viper Coilovers – Best Upgrade

Chrysler (Dodge) has always been known to step outside the box when it comes to design, unique color combinations and big horsepower. In the early 90’s you had the Corvette, 5.0 Mustang, IROC Camaro’s and your German and Italian sports cars. 200-300HP in a production car were huge, until Dodge changed the game with the Gen I Viper in 1992 sporting 400HP an a monster 8.0L V10 backed with a T-56 6-Speed trans and yes, coilover suspension.

Every generation of Viper has been equipped with coilovers from the factory. With the GEN I (1992-1995), GEN II (1996-2002) and GEN III (2003-2010) Vipers the OEM coilovers offered minimal ride-height and often times no valving adjustment (ACR Models came with higher end coilovers that offered a wide range of adjustment).
Here at Aldan, we began developing coilover replacements for the Dodge Viper platform in the early 2000’s. Our goal was to design a direct coilover replacement that would run a linear coilspring (Greater consistency and performance qualities) along with ride-height and shock valving adjustments. We then set out to offer a complete bolt-on system that was offered at a reasonable price that anyone looking to replace their factory Viper coilovers could afford (No Viper Tax!).

The result has been our light-weight, high strength aluminum constructions backed with single and doucle adjustable valving options for the ultimate in street and track handling/comfort. Like all Aldan coilovers, our Viper line is fully serviceable and rebuildable at our factory service center.
For select generations, we offer extreme lowering systems to get that additional drop and stance that’s to be desired with a Viper. If you’re looking to properly lower your Dodge Viper, coilovers is an excellent way to achieve the exact ride-height (AKA Stance) you’re looking for. Our friend Tom recently sent us some pictures from a track day with his Aldan equipped ACR.
For more info on our Viper coilover line find your Viper here: Aldan Coilover Kits for Dodge Vipers.
Photo credit to our friend Wil T. on his Aldan coilover equipped Dodge Viper ACR!