Driving Line Top 5 Truck Styles for Your Pickup – Featuring Pro-Touring Trucks at Aldan American

In Driving Line’s latest video, they take us through the newest trends in the lowered custom truck scene, walking us through the many different truck styles out there!

Be sure to check out the video below to see Garrett share all about his ’71 Chevy C10.

They reviewed five top lowered truck styles, by breaking them down into key elements and provided some background, to help those looking for some direction in starting a truck build of their own.

Check out Driving Line’s breakdown of the Top 5 Truck Styles in the video below!

Driving Line visits Aldan American to learn all about Pro-Touring Trucks. We chat about what it takes to make trucks handle better…so they can be competitive on an autocross track.

Kevin of Driving Line talks to Aldan’s own, Garrett Harmola, about the parts required for these trucks and how their coil-overs (Aldan American of course) can help lay it all down on a track.

Garrett showed Kevin his ’71 Chevy C10, a bare bones race vehicle.

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