G-Body Auction Prices Soaring

Is the Buick Grand National the next Holy Grail Muscle car?
A Buick Grand National recently sold at auction for a record $200,000. One of the reasons for the sky-high price was that the car had only 8.5 miles on it!  The true definition of a survivor G-Body.

The GNX’s have been collectible since they rolled off the factory line. GNX prices have sky rocketed in the last 10 years, which puts it in a price tier of classic Corvettes and Camaro’s.

If you own a classic GM G-Body muscle car, you know how capable these classic rides are. If you’re looking to upgrade your Monte Carlo, GNX, El Camino or other GM G-Body car with coilovers or shock absorbers, give us a call at 310-834-7478.
Aldan American Part #300106 shown below

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