Get In The Car | 1968 Mustang Four Link Upgrade

“Hold AHN!” Aldan American got in the car with Valerie to upgrade her 1968 Fastback Mustang with the full Aldan Coilover treatment.

This classic Mustang is setup with all the right suspension (Mustang II front clip and a full 4-link in the rear). The car had an old, worn out set of shocks and springs up front and an old set of coilovers on the rear with too soft of a spring rate. Looking to upgrade, the team at Aldan stepped in to equip Valerie’s Mustang with our MII adjustable coilovers up front and our Phantom Series coilovers in the rear. 2.5″ ID coil springs were also updated to a proper rate for a street setup (450lb front and 180lb springs in the rear).

Aldan American Coilovers | 1968 Mustang Four Link

With new coilover shocks and springs installed, “My Mustang drives and handles better than ever,” said Valerie.

Check out our YouTube video below to see a step by step on how Aldan American installed coilovers shocks on Valerie’s 1968 Mustang equipped with a 4-link, rear suspension.

Step 1: Measure your extended shock length from shock eyelet to shock eyelet

Step 2: Check out the Aldan American Catalog to select the right coilovers based on your extended shock length or desired ride height.

Step 3: Remove wheels

Step 4: Remove old coilovers

Step 5: Set your spring pre-load to 1″ as a base line and set your shock adjusters to a mid point setting (#6) and get ready to install your new Aldan coilovers

Step 6: Install Aldan American coilovers on your rear 4-link.

Step 7: Torque coilover bolts on the 4-link to 50 ft/lbs

Step 8: Get wheels on the ground and measure your ride height (Is the car sitting where you’d like?) You may need to use your spanner wrench on your coilovers to get your stance dialed in exactly where you want.

Step 9: Inspect all nuts are properly tightened, wheels are torqued and take the car for a test drive. Getting an alignment is the final step.

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