James White | 1999 Chevy 2DR Tahoe

James White is 41 years old and from the San Gabriel Valley CA. James’s Instagram page, @626Chevelle, posts muscle car builds, performance parts and races.

James recently came to the Aldan Studio with his Aldan-equipped 1999 Chevy 2DR Tahoe.

When James isn’t cruising around in the Tahoe you can find him in his ’68 Chevelle.

His 1968 Chevelle has been heavily modified with a cammed LS2 with AFR heads, Tremec TKX, UMI cornermax suspension, Hellwig sway bars, Aldan American coilovers, chassis braces, and Wilwood brakes. It also has American Racing wheels wrapped with falken tires, 12 bolt posi and Black Widow Exhaust.

Photo by @AsEyeSeeThings

The goal was to build a car that was perfectly balanced with performance and drivability and also trying to get as much performance per dollar as he can. The body has modifications to the bumpers and hood along with some additions such as front and rear spoilers and rear diffuser.

James has been attending autocross and time attack events with his Chevelle since 2013 and doesn’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

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