NEW! RCX Double Adjustable Coilovers

Aldan American releases their new, double adjustable coilover shock kits Classic Muscle cars, late models, and 2-wheel drive trucks. RCX coilovers offer 180 points of shock adjustment for enhanced rebound and compression tuning capabilities for street performance and race applications.

RCX Double Adjustable Coilover Kit from Aldan American

RCX coilover kits include cold-wound, high tensile hybrid style springs for a smoother, more consistent ride quality. Aldan Hybrid style springs are designed to fit into OEM spring locations for precise fitment. Aldan RCX coilovers are designed to be used with factory and aftermarket tubular control arms.

With RCX Adjustable Coilovers, set your stance with 2.0” of lowering while gaining the capability to control your shock dampening and the rate in which your shock rebounds and compresses. Improve traction and the overall ride quality with RCX coilovers for daily drivers, street cars and trucks, track and autocross builds. RCX coilover kits are proudly made in the U.S.A. Bolt-On & GO!

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