New! One Piece Spring Retainer Design For Aldan Coilovers

If you’re looking for even easier setup on your new Aldan coilovers, we have a spring retainer designed for you. Our new one-piece spring retainer design allows for easy adjustment and the ultimate in holding power. Now available on select Aldan coilover models.
Learn how to install your new ALD-50, one piece coilover spring retainer using our guide here:
ALD-50 Aldan Spring Retainer
Step 1. Remove retainer and supplied set screw from bag (If not already installed).
ALD-50 Aldan Coilover
Step 2. Install your coil spring on your Aldan shock.
Aldan Coilover Spring Retainer
Step 3. With anti-seize applied on your spring retainer threads, set screw installed (hand tight at this point); thread the retainer onto the coilover shock body.
Aldan American Coilover
Step 4. With the spring preload set at a baseline setting (We recommend 1.0″ of pre-load on our linear springs), spring retainer installed with anti-seize and set screw installed, you can now move to Step 5.

Step 5. With the set screw hand tight in the retainer, use a 5/32” Allen wrench and turn an additional 1/4 turn by hand.                    (*Do not over tighten)
Aldan American Coilovers
Step 6. Retainer should be tight on the shock body with zero movement or play once installed. Your spring and spring retainer installation is now complete.
Aldan American USA made Coilover
Step 7. You may need to re-adjust the retainer further using a spanner wrench to get your final ride-height once the coilover is installed on your chassis. Loosen the set screw and repeat steps if additional pre-load and height adjustments are needed for your application.
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