Original 1964 Mustang Owner, Gail Wise

In April of 1964, Ford caused an international sensation with the release of the Mustang. Nearly 54 years later, on August 8th Ford celebrated the creation of the 10 Millionth Mustang made in America. Ford continues to celebrate this month with the owner of the first Mustang, then a 22-year-old 3rd grade teacher.

Back in 1964 on April 15, Gail Wise purchased the first 1964 Mustang convertible in skylight blue for $3,447. The now fully restored mustang is worth upwards of $350,000. Two years later when she married Tom Wise the Mustang quickly became the perfect family car. The car itself contains many precious family memories from taking the kids to school to eating at the newly founded popular restaurant McDonalds’.

With time though the car began to need repairs. Gail wanted to get rid of to make room for their five children’s storage but Tom insisted that he would repair it as a retirement project. After 27 years, the original Mustang is now fully restored and Tom and Gail can be seen riding around in their skylight blue convertible.

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