Pebble Beach Concours

The World’s Concours d’Elegance is well underway in Pebble Beach, California.
Not only will you find 200 of the Worlds most pristine Collector Cars, but this year the leaders in technological innovation and style are bringing their most sought-after concept cars to the exclusive event. Audi, Infiniti, BMW & Genesis will compete for the title of the hottest concept car in Monterey.
Concept Cars aren’t the only exciting things to come to this years event. The Automotive Fine Arts Association will also have an exhibit on display featuring classic racecar sculptures and abstract as well as exact paintings of your favorite cars.
Meanwhile, the other side of Monterey is preparing for the annual Concours d’Lemons. The free show will give spectators a chance to see “the worst of the automotive world,” so long as it is street-legal and road-insured.
Cars on this side of Bay will be given points for junkyard parts gained en route and if their owners are in ridiculous themes or outfits.
Whether you’re at the Concours D’Elegance or the Concour d’Lemons you’re in for a good time enjoying the sight of the worlds elegant cars or the worlds lemons.