Ranchero – DIY Front Install

This week the at the Aldan American Shock Lab, Charlie Rivers, an LA local dropped off his 1970 Ford Ranchero for the Aldan American experience.

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For more detailed step-by-step instructions follow us on YouTube to stay up to date on this build!

With new suspension, the collectible is well on its way to becoming a restored classic (Aldan) American car.

Step By Step Front Install

Step 1: Remove tire and brakes.

Step 2: Remove upper and lower shock mount

Step 3: Remove Inner Shield

Step 4: Remove coil spring with spring compressor

Step 5: We are replacing the upper and lower control arms so we removed them.

Step 6: Drill holes for the new upper shock mount

Step 7: Prep new mounts for install

Step 8: Install new mounts

Step 9: Install lower and upper control arms.

Step 10: With the upper shock mount in place – it’s time to install the new Aldan American coil over shock.

Step 11: Attach the lower mount of the Aldan American coil over to the upper control arm.

Step 12: Now your car is ready for the alignment shop!

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