TrueLine C10 Adjustable Shock Absorbers

If you’re looking to replace your C10 shocks, check out our new TruLine shock kits here.

The 1963-1987 Chevrolet C10 and GMC C15 chassis offer a unlimited options for customization and performance upgrades.
Whether you have a full air bag chassis, or are looking to replace old OEM C10 shocks, Aldan has you covered.
Our new line of single adjustable, TruLine series shock absorbers come with everything you need to set your chassis or pickup up with an American made, smooth riding, performance shock absorber.

TruLine Series shocks come in stock, lowered and custom lengths. TruLine shocks are also rebuildable, serviceable and backed by our lifetime guarantee.
Equipped with Part #300123 shown below

To find the right TruLine Series shock kit for your C10 truck, see our full Aldan line here