Lowering Z-28 Camaro with Aldan Coilovers

One of our local clients was looking to lower their 73′ Camaro. With our new Road Comp Series of GM coilovers, we set out to help them lower their Camaro and setup their suspension for better handling and a smoother ride (Also looking to bring down the front end on this Z/28).

“We would like to touch base with the guys at Aldan and give them a great big two thumbs up. Aldan American used our 1973 Camaro Z/28 to test their new front coilover kit on. The front of our car is lower than before which is exactly what we were looking for. Our Z/28 now sits exactly how we wanted it to be. We have both driven the car since the coilover conversion was done and the handling has greatly improved from where it was when stock. Our Camaro has the stance and feel that we were looking for.”
Larry & Shelley D.
Redondo Beach, CA.

Stay tuned for a full editorial feature covering the complete coilover install on this beautiful ’73 Camaro Z28.
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