Best of the Builders uses Aldan Coilovers for Pantera De Tomaso

Aldan Coilover Kits for 1971-1974 and 1981-1989 DeTomaso Pantera

The paint on this Pantera is unreal.

Did it make it to the Nationals?

The Pantera De Tomaso, designed by Tom Tjaarda is a timeless, early American Supercar.

Ilene and Ken F. set out to build a beautiful 1972 Pantera Pre-L car. This Pantera De Tomaso was under the gun to compete in the National Street Rod Associations, “Elite Builders Showcase” at the “Street Rod Nationals” in Louisville Kentucky last month.

This Pantera is painted with PPG paints following the “PPG Custom Restoration Guidelines.”
Here’s some details and info provided on the car:
Pantera 1972 Pre-L #2781
Body & Paint:
Bodywerx – Owner: Ron Sall
4V Closed Chamber Heads DOAE “1970”
D2AE-CA engine casting (4 bolt main)
D1ZX-9425-DA Ford MotorSport Aluminum Intake
Ford BOSS/HO 6qt Oil Pan with “A” & “B” Baffles
Cooling system:
Upgraded Mirah cooling Fans (replacing Lucas originals)
Polished Stn Steel Radiator Supply Tanks
Remote “Polished” billet aluminum bracket mounting
Polished Stn Steel Coolant Tubes
Adjustable (height) Front(400/in) / Rear(700/in) spring rate
Aldan American Pantera Coilovers Part # PNSB4D
Chassis Stiffening Kit

The paint turned out amazing on this build and we’re proud to have provided the coilover shocks and springs for this Pantera De Tomaso.
Stay tuned for the next update on this amazing build.
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