Shhh! New Product Alert! Ford F100 Crown Vic Coilovers

If you’re running a 1965-1979 Ford F100 and have or are looking to run a Crown Vic front swap with coilovers, we have parts for you!

The Crown Vic from 2003-2011 came with a complete IFS front clip that works perfect on the classic Ford F100 pickups. The only problem is that these IFS setups run a traditional style coil springs with basic over the counter, dead shocks.

What’s the solution? Our new bolt-on coilover conversion kit designed for the Ford F100 Crown Victoria IFS swap.

F100 Crown Vic Coilovers From Aldan American

This new line is currently available at select distributors. See all of our full line of F100 Coilover Conversion Kits 

See Aldan part numbers:

300183Coil-Over Kit, Ford, 03-11 Cown Vic, Front, Single Adj. 550 lb. Springs, Kit
300184Coil-Over Kit, Ford, 03-11 Cown Vic, Front, Single Adj. 650 lb. Springs, Kit
300185Coil-Over Kit, Ford, 03-11 Cown Vic, Front, Single Adj. 750 lb. Springs, Kit

Check out @thecraig909 for details on his F100 build with our new bolt-on coilover system for your Ford F100 bumpside and dentside pickups!

Call Team Aldan for details  at (310)-834-7478

Whether you’re running a 5.0 Coyote swap, going with a big block or going with a built 289 or 302 – We’ve got a coilover and spring setup for your Crown Victoria IFS swap on your F-100 pickup truck.

Get the most from your Classic Truck with Aldan American’s high performance coilovers. Shop our vehicle specific suspension parts today and get free shipping on orders $199 and up!