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 C5 Corvette Burnout at Goodguys

1 min. video of an Aldan equipped C5 Corvette burning out. Lester took his Aldan equipped C5 Corvette to a recent Good Guys car show. This C5 entered in the Good Guys Burnout competition and Lester did the car justice with one massive burnout. Watch the entire video below. This burnout was a crowd pleaser. Note, this burnout was done after the Autocross event was over for the day…

Insane Chevelle Burnout on Coilovers

Supercharged Chevelle lays rubber halfway up the street. Rob used a drone to capture his Chevelles supercharged LS in action. Rob recently upgraded his Chevelle suspension to our Road Comp Series coilover kit. If you’re LS swapping, super charging or turbo upgrading your muscle car’s engine – Upgrading your suspension is a must. Getting that power to the ground, getting the tires to hook and handle is what it’s…