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How to Install Coilovers on your Classic Mustang from 3 YouTubers

Looking to lower your Classic Mustang with Aldan American Coilovers? Checkout these step-by-step install from 3 YouTubers! Ben Kahn installs Aldan American Coilovers on his 1965 Mustang. Nate Ride Installs coilovers on his 1969 Mustang. Gari installs coilovers on his Mustang II. Do you have a YouTube Channel? Fill out our Aldan American Ambassador form here! Shop Mustang Kits Here.

Jeff Smith’s Garage – Installing Coilovers on a 1966 Chevelle

Our friend Jeff Smith of Jeff Smith’s Garage has launched a new YouTube channel featuring automotive how-to’s, tech and full build features. If you’ve ever read the pages of Hot Rod Magazine or Car Craft – Jeff Smith has contributed his car-know how and expertise to these titles and more for decades. In Jeff’s latest how-to video, Jeff Smith updates his 1966 Chevelle chassis with Aldan American, Road Comp Series…

Black Widow Exhaust | 1955 Bel Air

There’s just something about a 1955 Bel Air that gets us excited. We love Tim Skrape’s classic build with a modern paint job. From donuts and burnouts to car shows and cruises this ride is always a showstopper. The Black Widow Build had the exhaust handled. The design and sound characteristics of their mufflers were dialed in but the Bel Air needed to see the same high quality performance in…

New YouTube Suspension Channel

The team at Aldan American brings you their new YouTube channel focused on coilovers, suspension and improving your vehicles stance and ride quality. Classic hot rods, muscle cars. to modern day street performance vehicles – The team at Aldan brings over 4 decades of suspension know how to their new YouTube channel. If you have an idea for an install or a how-to, you can send a message to Aldan…