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MetalOx Fab Custom C10

The team at MetalOx Fab is putting together some incredible C10 trucks. Check out their latest build here. MetalOx Fab out of Arizona is turning longbed trucks in to shortbeds and in the process they’re building some awesome C10 trucks at their shop. This C10 from MetalOx Fab is getting a full custom chassis from CB Chassis Products aka Choppin Block with Aldan Phantom Series coilovers on all four corners….

NEW – Aldan American Suspension Parts Catalog

ALDAN AMERICAN SUSPENSION CATALOG In our product catalog, you’ll find all of our coilover and suspension options and their current part numbers. We’ve also included a a guide for selecting the correct shock and coil springs to give you the best ride possible. Experience the Aldan American difference with over four decades of coilover shock design and manufacturing. Bolt-On & GO! Click Here to Download a PDF catalog or send an…