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How Chevy Went from No Camaros to the Z/28 in One Year

How the first RS, SS and Z/28 Camaros came about. General Motors was pretty much flat-footed when Ford rolled out its sporty, two-door, long-hood, short-deck Mustang in 1964. Mustang sales soared. At the end of the 1965 model year, Ford had sold nearly half a million Mustangs. GM didn’t have anything in its showrooms to match the Mustang. The only thing GM had was the Chevy II, which included the…

Lowering Z-28 Camaro with Aldan Coilovers

One of our local clients was looking to lower their 73′ Camaro. With our new Road Comp Series of GM coilovers, we set out to help them lower their Camaro and setup their suspension for better handling and a smoother ride (Also looking to bring down the front end on this Z/28). “We would like to touch base with the guys at Aldan and give them a great big two thumbs up….