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DIY Video – Front Coilover Kit ’64 Chevy Impala

Gary at Aldan American, shows you how to install a GM Road Comp Series Front Coilover Kit on a 1964 Chevrolet Impala. We were able to lower this 64′ Chevy Impala convertible 2″ up front. The Aldan American Coil-Over install took place at Powerhaus in Torrance California. For more information, additional applications and step by step instructions check out

Black Widow 1955 Chevy

1955 Chevy with Sentimental Value | SEMA Build and Smooth Ride Transformation Growing up drag racing in Huntington Beach, Skrape never forget this slammed ’55 Chevy that caught his eye. Years later, when he came across a similar ’55 Chevy he knew he had to have it. What started as a personal connection soon turned into a full-blown SEMA build. The result? A wild and vibrant purple color, paying tribute…

Black Widow OBS Bubblicious – 1990 s10 drift truck

Tim Katz, introduced the Aldan team to his 1990 Chevy OBS truck revival! These classic trucks are making a comeback and Tim’s journey with this beauty began back in 2014, but life had its twists and turns. Fast forward to 2022, the project was reignited with a year of dedicated work, and the big reveal took place at LS Fest in early 2023. This truck is more than just a…

Black Widow 94 S10 Drift Truck

Meet the iconic 94 S10 – LSX 420, the proud signature vehicle of Black Widow Exhaust! They’ve harnessed its power to make some noise out there and capture your attention. This beast is primarily built for drifting, and that’s where Bill finds the most enjoyment. However, he was grappling with rear shocks and annoying wheel hop issues during his drifts. Aldan American equipped it with our stiffest shocks and was…

1964-1967 GM A-Body Chassis Assembly, Step by Step!

In this video, Gary & Ryan Hill walk us through the Hill Family’s 1966 Pontiac Tempest Chassis assembly. Follow along for a step by step walk-through on this GM A-Body complete chassis overhaul with some of the best suspension parts available for these classic General Motors muscle cars. Note that the 1968-1972 GM A-Body chassis are almost identical to these model year frames and suspensions. PARTS WE USED:Aldan American Coilover…

1970 Buick Skylark Upgrade to Modern Suspension!

After having gone through over 50 cars in his collection, this 1970 Buick remains one of the most memorable for Alan Rodriguez. While looking to upgrade, he wanted the right suspension which led him to Aldan American’s adjustable shocks. If you’re looking to have your Buick ride like Alan’s, then check out our website to see what we offer for your specific model: #buick #skylark #buickskylark

1969 El Camino BUILT to WIN Super Chevy Sundays

Gary is a “lifetime hot rod-er” and has been working on his 1969 El Camino for over 40 years now! Although the car was originally a joy ride, Gary went on to win multiple Super Chevy Sunday with it. After all these years working on cars, he now works on creating kits not only for El Caminos, but for Chevies and all American car models. If you’re into Chevies, and…

Gary’s El Camino Heads to Power Tour 2023!

We are excited to announce that Gary will be taking his 1969 El Camino to Power Tour West 2023!Fun fact: this El Camino has won multiple Super Chevy Sundays. If you’re planning on going, make sure to stop by our booth and say hi to Gary. If you’re interested in which of our parts Gary installed in his El Camino, check out our website: #powertour #elcamino #aldanamerican

Setting Up a C10 with Air Suspension & Shocks

In this video, Q teams up with Gary in order to get an air suspension set up for his 1967 C10 Truck. Gary, explains how the air suspension on Q’s truck functions and how the Aldan shocks complement his suspension set up. Aldan American shocks are available from 11 inches to 23.75 inches in both single and double adjustable. For details on how to select the right shocks for your…

Getting Your Shocks Rebuilt Like New at Aldan American

At Aldan American, we offer service to worn out shocks where we rebuild them as if they were brand new. Take a look as Gary walks through the process of how we service our shocks. Are your shocks in need of service? Check out our service form for more info: