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One Off Rides Garage 1972 Chevelle

A 1972 with a new lease on life hits the streets and the track. Check out this awesome Chevelle. One Off Rides Garage built this 1972 Chevelle to compete at the Super Chevy Muscle Car Challenge in 2018. This car underwent a full restoration including an LS swap, coilovers, brakes and new suspension. Here’s a video from Super Chevy of the team at One Off Rides Garage talking about their custom…

LS Swaps vs. Old School Iron

What is your preferred engine? Stock or LS Swap? The debate is on. Do you keep your factory engine in your classic muscle car, or do you go with a newer, later model LS in your Chevy or a Coyote swap in your Ford? When swapping to a later model engine, it’s important to upgrade the rest of your chassis and suspension to be able to accommodate the added or…

Maliboost G-Body Drag Car LS Swap

This 1980 Chevy Malibu aka the “Maliboost” is getting some serious upgrades see more here. Nick who owns the Maliboost is running our Striker series line of Coilovers. Nick had a built big block engine with custom twin turbo set up sending this car into the low 8’s. Nick is in the process of swapping out his big block for a new LS with a custom twin turbo set up….

Rob’s 1968 Supercharged Chevelle

Rob from Southern California has some serious horsepower in his 68′ LS swapped and supercharged Chevelle. Rob’s 1968 Chevelle is running our complete Road Comp Series, A-Body coilover conversion kit on his car. Our Aldan front coilovers allow up to 2.0” of lowering and our rear coilovers for the 1964-1967 and 1968-1972 GM A-Body chassis’ allow up to 3.0” of lowering. This complete combo helped our friend Rob get his…